Fundación Mar Adentro collaborates with solidarity initiatives

Campaigns at the Quelhue School, Fundación Origen, the Zanmi Program and Canasta Local were organized with the support of FMA.

In face of the current crisis resulting from Covid-19, we have been involved in multiple solidarity campaigns in the area of Bosque Pehuén and in the Metropolitan Region. We made the first contribution in April –consisting of 50 food baskets and 50 baskets of cleaning products for the elderly in Curarrehue, a small town located in the Araucanía Region. Later, in May, we delivered 32 family baskets to the school communities of the Escuela de Quelhue, which is located near Pucón. The initiative was coordinated by the director of this educational establishment, Eligio Salamanca, who, together with the members of our team, distributed whole foods and produce amongst the families. Moreover, in the course of this week, with the collaboration of Vincens Vives publishing house we will be able to donate a set of 3 educational illustration books for the 32 families of this school and their children ages first through sixth grade. We hope these books can help fill certain gaps they currently face as a community, as they are not able to return to class and because of their rural location have little to no access to internet.

Similarly, throughout June we have supported the Zanmi solidarity campaign, an initiative aimed at helping the Haitian immigrant community of Estación Central in Santiago, which is organized by the Ignaciano University Center (CUI), of the Alberto Hurtado University, with whom we have collaborated through our Programa de Apoyo Integral (PAI) every year. With this opportunity, we wanted to cooperate with families that benefit from the Zanmi program, so that the PAI students could volunteer weekly at the organization and get to know the challenges which its beneficiaries are facing. If you would like to work with us on this campaign, please send us an email to get more information at:

We have also cooperated with our collaborators Fundación Origen to distribute food carts in the communities of Puente Alto and Pirque, and area that has been strongly affected by covid-19. The campaign remains active, and if you would like to actively support in any form, click here for more information.

As a foundation, we want to continue collaborating with various solidarity initiatives in the following months. In the coming days, we will distribute 34 food baskets in the areas of Rilul and Maite Alto, close to Palguín Bajo in the Araucanía Region. We are also making a donation to Canasta Local, a local aid initiative that delivers food baskets filled with products from neighboring businesses to families, in order to promote local trade and community value.