FMA Takes Active Teachers Program to Puerto de Ideas

Teachers from all regions of Chile, including Rapa Nui, will travel to Valparaiso to experience the 2016 Puerto de Ideas Festival. This is the fifth consecutive year that FMA makes these invitations for 3 days, but this time it does so in alliance with the National Council of Culture and The Arts of Chile, further enhancing the impact and doubling the beneficiaries.

The extended training of teachers is a signature interest of Fundación Mar Adentro, sponsor of the Puerto de Ideas Festival, who has been contributing since 2012 with the invitation of teachers from different regions of Chile to come to experience and participate in the Festival. Starting this year, this invitation is part of the FMA project called Active Teachers. The program seeks to contribute to teacher training, especially those who have greater difficulty accessing new teaching trends. In 2016 FMA’s Active Teachers program will have projects implemented in Chiloé and in Puerto de Ideas Valparaiso.

El año 2015 profesores participan en la inauguración del festival

Invited teachers in 2015 participating in the Festival’s inauguration

Sixty teachers and/or school principals are the beneficiaries to arrive in Valparaiso on November 11th, 2016. They were selected thanks to FMA’s partnerships with other institutions such as Fundación Origen from Pirque, whose educational approach is the sustainable coexistence between children and the environment (4 guests); NGO Toki, whose School of Music in Rapa Nui is sustainable and seeks to safeguard the Rapa Nui culture (3 guests); and Alberto Hurtado University, which FMA has supported in its growth and in the delivery of education opportunities to students (9 guests).

The amount of Teachers invited to the 2016 Puerto de Ideas Festival were doubled thanks to a new agreement with the National Council of Culture and The Arts of Chile signed between the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Ottone, and the president of Fundación Mar Adentro, Madeline Hurtado. Twenty teachers from Valparaíso, 7 from La Ligua, 15 from all regions (1 per region) are the beneficiaries of this alliance.


The follow-up work we have done with many of our guest teachers has shown that they make the most of this instance and that it has substantially improved their work in the classroom. Not only do they listen to forums, they also boost their creativity and new ideas come to mind as they have been able to speak with all the different participants they meet in this enriching experience.

“We know that joining disciplines to educate has very positive consequences in promoting an integrative vision of knowledge. People can learn science through art, or care for the environment through an exhibition. That is why Puerto de Ideas is a great opportunity for teachers to presence disciplinary meetings and conferences,” says Madeline Hurtado.

Fundación Mar Adentro is a private non-profit organization that develops art, education and nature programs to promote a change in the value that people give to natural and cultural heritage.