Successful opening of the exhibition “El Tercer Paisaje” at the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts

Installation titled Against the Drought of Signs by artist Etienne de France, former participant of Fundación Mar Adentro’s Bosque Pehuén Residency Program, was a part of the collective exhibition El Tercer Paisaje (The Third Landscape) inaugurated on the 17th of october as a part of the 14th Media Arts Biennial of Santiago.

The opening considered an important amount of attendees that also included authorities such as Consuelo Valdés (Minister of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile), and Enrique Rivera (director of the Media Arts Biennial).

El Tercer Paisaje at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago from the 17th of October until the 17th of November, is one of the Biennal’s main event of this Biennal, which consists in a collective exhibition based on an idea proposed by the French landscape architect and philosopher Gilles Clément that refers to plants that sprout after the abandonment of a place intervened by human beings. For example, the grass that grows between the tiles, the wild flowers on the roadside, and everything that germinates without the control of herbicides, shovels and cement. For Clément, “the third landscape” is the space of the future on earth:  the balance within the imbalance. This collective exhibition has artworks from important local and foreign artists such as: Etienne de France, Josefina Guilisasti, Jorge Tacla, Denise Lira-Ratinoff, Claudia González, Nicole L’Huillier, Maia Urstad, Sergio Larraín and Sebastián Preece.

The immersive audiovisual installation of Etienne de France becomes a space of symbolism and emancipation, which attempts to portray a forest of the Andean Araucania, where industry and monoculture are still causing territorial conflicts and ecological disorders. The installation uses the concept of mimesis (imitation of nature) to elaborate an analogy of the forest as a cinema, reinforcing a relationship with light, shadows and growth.

Against the Drought of Signs by Etienne de France, is the first part of a new body of work that explores the possibilities and means to represent forests through a contemporary language. This is the result of Etienne de France’s research in Fundación Mar Adentro’s Bosque Pehuén Residency Program (Araucanía, Chile).

This installation also considered a small publication that contains a translation of the Welsh poem Kat Godeu (The Battle of the Trees) to Spanish by anthropologist Diego Milos and a translation in mapuzungun (language spoken by Mapuche) by poet Leonel Lienlaf.