Premiere of “Pewen: the earth will say” September 10 at 9:00 p.m.

A documentary made jointly by Fundación Mar Adentro, UC Davis Chile Life Sciences Innovation Center and Conaf, on the biocultural role of the araucaria and the possible causes of its current dieback.

On Thursday, September 10 at 9:00 p.m., this documentary, made jointly by Fundación Mar Adentro, UC Davis Chile Life Sciences Innovation Center, and Conaf (National Forestry Corporation) will premiere on the Ladera Sur platforms (YouTube Live and Facebook Live) and through Facebook Live of Fundación Mar Adentro. “Pewen: Dirá la tierra” (Pewen: The Earth Will Say), speaks of the biocultural role of the araucaria, a sacred tree for the Pewenche and a natural monument of Chile, and of its eminent danger of extinction address through multiple perspectives.

A work that arises from the scientific investigations commissioned by Conaf to UC Davis Chile in 2018, to look for the possible causes of the araucaria dieback as a product of Araucaria Leaf Damage (DFA, in Spanish). Hence, in this journey through the Andean Araucanía, the documentary seeks to put varios visions into perspective to try and decipher the enigma behind the massive deaths of the pewen, from local araucaria protectors and leaders of indigenous communities to local government authorities, park rangers and scientists.

Madeline Hurtado, president of Fundación Mar Adentro, mentions that “this documentary, together with disseminating this urgent message, seeks to demonstrate the importance of addressing ecological issues from multiple perspectives: from the social, cultural, scientific and territorial aspects, with special attention to the voice of the Pewenche communities and their wisdom, who have throughout their entire life connected with this species, and have witnessed the transformations of the ecosystems where they live.”

Meanwhile, for Álvaro Castro, Research and Development Coordinator of UC Davis-Chile, “having this audiovisual and educational material is of vital importance, because it manages to integrate the perspective of the local communities that coexist with these sensitive ecological systems,  together with current scientific advances. A fundamental message is that collaborative work is a  must in order to achieve more and better conservation strategies.”

“Pewen: dirá la tierra” hence, through the combination of landscapes, testimonies and mapuche narrative, seeks to present the research and work that has been going on over the past years in the Araucanía Region as well as reflect on the different changes the araucaria is currently living and put this into a larger global perspective to understand just how interconnected these environmental issues for native species.

Leonel Lienlaf, renowned Mapuche poet, along with Giuliana Furci–expert in fungi and founder of Fundación Fungi–will be presenting the documentary on the day of its premiere.

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Documentary technical sheet

Duration: 31 min
Directed by: Victor Leyton
Executive production: Fundación Mar Adentro, UC Davis-Chile, Conaf
General production: Mandarina Producciones
On-site production: Carlos Mendoza, Francisca Chandía, Fernanda Muñoz
Script and editing: Ignacia González, Víctor Leyton
Script advising: Maya Errázuriz, Madeline Hurtado, Ángela Pabón, Tatiana Pavez
Voiceover: Joel Maripil
Camera: Nelson Cortez, Alvaro Díaz, German Mellado
Drone camera: Yerko Castillo, Leo Mena
Sound post production: Ignacio Cubillos
Graphic design: Juan Pablo Vergara
Photographic record of fungi: Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira

© Fundación Mar Adentro, UC Davis-Chile