UAH Heritage Award

In a ceremony held on April 22nd in the main square of the University Alberto Hurtado (UAH), the advances of the UAH Heritage program were presented as well as the winners of the photography and writing contest.

1er Lugar Concurso Fotografía Patrimonio UAH - Flora y Fauna

Winning photograph in the UAH Heritage Photography contest – Flora and Fauna

UAH Heritage is a joint initiative of the University, Fundación Cosmos and Fundación Mar Adentro, that seeks to highlight this institution’s academic, intellectual and architectural heritage. The program has had several stages within which the implementation of the Patrimonial Campus project is worth noting in how it brought unity to the diverse building façades and spaces of the University through the creation of new courtyards with new landscaping and furniture designs. This project resulted in the creation of a true Patrimonial University Campus with welcoming spaces that promote creativity, thought and university life.

The Vice Chancellor of Integration thanked Fundación Mar Adentro and Fundación Cosmos for their collaboration in the renovation of gardens and internal façades of the UAH houses and also highlighted the value of the architectural and symbolic heritage of this university. On behalf of both foundations, Felipe Correa referred to the work of all those who made this project of remodeling and landscaping of the spaces in the central courtyard possible, while the architect Ernesto Labbé acknowledged the complexities of belonging to a patrimonial neighborhood, and what a great opportunity it is to be located right in the heart of the city. Finally Dean Fernando Montes said that because of its location in the “heart of the city,” this is “the most inclusive university within the system.”