Fundación Mar Adentro Team trained La Moneda Cultural Center Staff to Run Green Legacy Workshops

The La Moneda Cultural Center will conduct two of Fundación Mar Adentro’s Green Legacy workshops every Sunday from April 7th to July 28th.

In the context of J.M.W Turner’s exhibition, renowned 18th century English painter, the following Green Legacy workshops, The Unexplored Journey of a Plant and Correspondence for Peace, will be offered at the La Moneda Cultural Center for  families and children ages 6 and above from March 26th to July 28th.

On March 20th, part of our team trained La Moneda Cultural Center educational staff on the Green Legacy workshops, which bring together art, nature and history. These activities were created for the educational website, which began as an FMA project inspired by the Green Legacy Hiroshima initiative, an NGO in Japan that collects the seeds of some of the 170 trees that survived the nuclear bomb explosion in 1945 and subsequently sends these seeds to various countries around the world.

In 2012, seeds of the Ginkgo biloba, Ilex rotunda and Cinnamomun camphor species from Hiroshima were sent to Chile and received by the Botanical Garden of the Universidad Austral in Valdivia.

Image from the website

From this starting point, this educational digital platform with downloadable activities was created to promote reflections on peace, art, and environmental conservation.

The Unexplored Journey of a Plant inspires students to imagine, draw and write about the experience of preserving a plant and taking it to a new place–another country or perhaps even the moon– where the student needs to take into account what this plant might need to keep it alive as well as reflect on one’s personal attributes and strengths to take on this journey. Meanwhile, Correspondence for Peace is an activity that deals with empathy and the ability to overcome difficulties. With these workshops participants can experience an interdisciplinary approach to nature and learn about an important message of peace and conservation.

For those interested in trying out these activities at home or in your classrooms, all information is provided in the Green Legacy website, (bear in mind the activities are only available in Spanish). In addition, Fundación Mar Adentro offers the possibility to train teachers and instructors within educational establishments. Please contact us through