“Notebooks for thinking about nature” reach educational spaces throughout Chile

Nearly 500 copies of this Fundación Mar Adentro (FMA) publication were donated in 2022 to various organizations. The aim was to continue communicating issues related to climate change through art and education.

Throughout Chile, in CECREAs, penitentiary establishments’ libraries, in the National System of Public Libraries, in the SENAME libraries, the Llanquihue Local Public Education Service, the Futuro UC School Library, Bibliometro, the CRA Libraries of the Ministry of Education, Fundación la Fuente, and teachers and various organizations with which we collaborate throughout the country, all received donations of “Notebooks for thinking about nature”.

“We are very happy to have made these donations, as they allow us to move forward in one of the objectives of this publication: to reach the largest amount of people in order to raise awareness on climate change and its multiple aspects, which we wanted to approach from a multidisciplinary perspective given the scope of the topic, so as to include science, art and education, and doing so in a language that is apt for different ages,” said Maya Errázuriz, Head of Art and Publications at FMA.

A publication that arises from the collaboration between Fundación Mar Adentro and Saposcat editorial, it seeks to communicate through a friendly approach, to a wide audience, issues related to climate change. Composed of three books, each one was made using artwork created specifically for the project by different artists: “Terrestrial energy”, with drawings by Christian Yovane; “Change and equilibrium”, with collages by Tomás Barrera, and “Conserve and restore”, with illustrations by Natalia Babarovic.

In addition, each book includes experimental educational activities created by FMA’s Education team. They include collaborations from Renata Aedo, Antonia Cafati, Elisa Balmaceda, Fernanda Godoy and Claudia Müller, and consist of exercises that propose ways of relating to the environment through sounds, science fiction and the imagination, drifts and cooking.

You can find each of the books in PDF by clicking on each title: Terrestrial Energy, Change and Equilibrium and Conserve and Restore. They can also be accessed on Issuu here.