Meeting on “Knowledge and flavors that nurture our territory”

On Friday, November 12, a meeting took place in Curarrehue, Araucanía which brought together various members of the community, including guardians of the land, to talk about local foods and how they are joining efforts to care for the local biodiversity.

As part of the various territorial community outreach activities carried out by the Foundation in the Araucanía region of Chile, an instance of knowledge exchange through artistic experience took place on November 12 in the Community Cultural Center “Aldea Intercultural Trawupeyüm” in Curarrehue.

People from throughout the area responded to our invitation to take food (be it seeds, cereals or wild fruits) or any ingredient or culinary element that is part of their diet, to build a map together that was sensitive to the territory in terms or definitions, experiences and memories that emerge from the relationship between local food and the care for nature. The result that emerged was one that captures the collective knowledge around the biocultural food memory of the territory of Curarrehue, which places value on those foods, practices and landscapes that must be protected, recovered and preserved. The event also included the shared listening experience of a soundscape with voices of people from the community who had a special bond with food and nature, as a result of interviews conducted by students of the Monseñor Francisco Valdés de Curarrehue school.

For María Jesús Olivos, Territorial Community Outreach Coordinator of FMA, “Both the listening experience and the different outlooks on how to care for the territory were important. As a Foundation, we are making an effort to create bonds with the territory and its communities, and we are very happy with this first step in getting to know each other and starting to contribute with our work in mediation and conservation for a collective construction of knowledge around the biocultural food memory.”