A new generation of students joins the Programa de Apoyo Integral (PAI – Comprehensive Support Program)

As part of our 2022 call, five students from Universidad Alberto Hurtado joined our Comprehensive Support Program this year.

The Programa de Apoyo Integral (PAI, or Comprehensive Support Program, in English) has been carried out since 2017 by Fundación Mar Adentro and the Universidad Alberto Hurtado (UAH). Aimed at undergraduate students who are studying at the University and have not been able to access the state’s free admission to higher education, its objective is to provide financial support so that they can successfully complete their education and, at the same time, encourage students to widen their networks, strengthen their personal development and expand their environmental conscience.

The program grants financial support to students for up to 100% of fees and other expenses associated with their studies. In addition, it includes personalized support and comprehensive development activities, such as: volunteering, workshops on reflection and personal development and multidisciplinary training instances to complement their academic training, in order to strengthen students’ potential.

This new generation of students has already completed their first or second year of studies and has demonstrated academic excellence: all of the participants are in the top 30% of their courses’ ranking, and two of them are in first place.

In many cases, the students who cannot access the state’s scholarship program have immense difficulties in continuing their studies, usually having to work while studying, as they tend to provide their family’s main economic support. Therefore, the objective of the PAI is to aid these students and provide them with financial and comprehensive support, in order to further encourage them to commit to service with a view to their personal and professional growth.

These five selected students join the 17 students who continue in the program from previous years, and will begin to receive their benefits from January. Congratulations!