Transformational Practices will take place on December 21: a cultural encounter in times of the socio-environmental crisis, at IF Blanco Recoleta

The objective of the activity is to create a community space to reflect on the current societal challenges, through conversations and artistic exercises.

On Saturday, December 21 between 10:00am and 1:00pm, this activity will take place in  IF Blanco Recoleta (Puma 1180, Recoleta) and will include collaborative dialogues linked to environmental and cultural issues to propose and create new approaches that can lead us to find a transformative path in the face of the social and climatic crisis.

This instance, organized by Fundación Mar Adentro, Fab Lab Santiago, CINNDA, Fábrica de Medios and IF Blanco Recoleta, will have two main participative spaces. In one of these, work tables will be set up for group reflections based on specific questions. In the other, information will be gathered through an artistic activity. Participants will be divided into two groups of 100 people, who will alternate between both activities.

In addition, because it will be a family space, children of all ages are welcome to participate and there will be a space dedicated for entertainment and enjoyment of the artistic activities. To end the day, a communal potluck will take place, for which each participant can take something to share.

It should be noted that the results of this activity will be systematized through a software that is being created to process data from emerging dialogues, through an audio channel. The conversations will be recorded, from which the information will be systematized to organize, classify and visualize it and, finally, it will be used to construct indicators that can give an account of the participants’ feelings.

Transformational Practices: A Cultural Encounter in Times of Socio-Environmental Crisis, will begin with a mediation by Ronald Sistek, a facilitator of group and organizational processes. He is also a consultant in sustainability, regenerative projects and an academic of Universidad Austral de Chile and Universidad Andrés Bello. His work has focused on facilitating transformative processes in organizations, networks and collaborative teams.

200 people are expected to attend the activity, all of whom must register previously through the online form, available here.

IF Blanco Recoleta–where the activity will take place–is a collaborative space located at the foothills of the emblematic Cerro Blanco, in the city of Santiago. It is a space for creation where entrepreneurs share an open and dynamic space. A multifunctional platform that was born to accommodate creativity, the space allows for interaction between various collaborative networks, generating innovative projects based on diverse talents and ideas.