Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

This interdisciplinary lecture series was organized with the idea of inviting international and national leading experts to deliver their experiences and knowledge about our interdependence with the environment from a scientific-humanistic standpoint.

On this first occasion our guest was the renowned industrial designer Alfredo Zolezzi, who gave the university students a vision about innovation as a development agent of social change.

Zolezzi is director of AIC, a center of innovation and applied technology, located in Viña del Mar which has developed a safe and inexpensive water sanitation system called Plasma Water Sanitation System. This unique water sanitation system seeks to address the urgent need to produce access to clean drinking water in many developing countries. This technological innovation developed by AIC  aims to have a big social impact, since it is a safe and inexpensive water purification system that meets perfectly the needs of the more vulnerable communities of developing countries.

Alfredo Zolezzi

Alfredo Zolezzi

One billion people worldwide still lack access to drinking water and diseases caused by poor quality water result in the death of 1,400,000 children each year. This socio-environmental drama has triggered an urgent need to produce clean drinking water. Therefore, Zolezzi and the AIC aim to generate significant social change through the equation: “more technology, less poverty”.

Zolezzi made a speech in the courtyard of the Alberto Hurtado University, attended by students and teachers of all careers. After the speech, a group of students approached him to talk about the importance of interdisciplinary interaction as a tool for social innovation and the motivation to innovate in social issues, without seeking any profit, establishing an analysis referring to the direct relationship between poverty and socio- environmental issues, that will inspire a change in the students’ perspectives, allowing them to generate new actions for change in human beings and the way we relate with what surrounds us.