Educators of the Active Teachers Program Held Workshops in Punta Arenas and the Araucanía

The results of these interdisciplinary pedagogical activities that address the care for nature, stem from the framework of the continuous teacher training program carried out every year by Fundación Mar Adentro.

Four workshops with interdisciplinary methodologies addressing the care for nature were held at different establishments in the city of Punta Arenas and throughout the Araucanía region, between November and December 2019. These were carried out by educators who had participated in Fundación Mar Adentro’s Active Teachers program.

The 2019 version of the program took place in the Magallanes region of Chile, where the educators attended various training sessions, both outdoors and at the Río Seco Natural History Museum, where they reviewed environmental issues through various disciplines. They were also able to revise and receive feedback on their own projects, with which they had applied to the program. This way, they were able to develop them, and add content or modify methodologies, allowing them to strengthen their initial proposals.

The participants expressed happiness with the processes and results of the workshops undertaken in their own educational communities during the last months of 2019, among which are: “Úñüm Tañi Mapu” (Birds of My land), in Liceo Alexander Graham Bell in Villarrica; “Ecological Art Initiatives”, in Colegio Charles Darwin in Punta Arenas; “Ñielol Dyes”, in CECREA Temuco and Escuela Andrés Bello in Temuco; and “Photographing the Araucanía to Raise Awareness for its Care”, at Escuela Municipal Carileufu, in Pucón.