A Dialogue Between Art and Science

Our guest artists who have participated in this year's version of our international art residency program in Bosque Pehuén will share their experiences. This roundtable discussion will be held in the National Museum of Natural History of Santiago, on May 3rd, at 7:00 p.m.


After living an experience with a Mapuche community, will it be possible for a New Zealand artist to establish links between the Maori worldview and that of this indigenous culture in Chile? How does an artist who works with landscape and territory describe his experience in the natural context of La Araucanía? How can a national artist enrich his work from sharing creative processes with foreign peers? What kind of profitable discussion can come from a dialogue between artists and scientists?

These are just some of the themes that called New Zealand Maori artist, Charlotte Graham  (1972), French artist Etienne de France (1984) and Chilean artist Gianfranco Foschino  (1983) attention, who were selected by the Fundación Mar Adentro to participate in their residency program, a program that seeks to establish dialogues between different disciplines to encourage awareness on nature conservation issues.

Between the 10th until the 30th of April, the artists participated in an innovative art residency program in Bosque Pehuén, a private protected area of conservation in the South of Chile, where they shared with a Mapuche community, hiked through various landscapes with scientists from the Universidad Austral and held workshops in local schools.

This dialogue will be the concluding event of the residency, on Wednesday, May 3rd at the National Museum of Natural History in Santiago. The dialogue between the three artists will be moderated by Beatriz Bustos O., Director of Art, Culture and Education of FMA, and Carlos Mendoza, Conservation Project Coordinator of FMA.

Roundtable Discussion
Fundación Mar Adentro

When: Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 – 19:00 hrs
Where: National Museum of Natural History, “Zona Óceano” Room
Sign up in: info@fundacionmaradentro.cl

The dialogue will be conducted primarily in English.

Etienne de France (France)
Charlotte Graham (New Zealand)
Gianfranco Foschino (Chile)
Moderated by:
Carlos Mendoza (Conservation Project Coordinator of FMA)
Beatriz Bustos O. (Director of Art, Culture and Education of FMA)