Dialogue with curators of “Expanded Nature: Making the Invisible Visible”

Together with the La Moneda Cultural Center's Director, Beatriz Bustos Oyanedel, curators Maya Errázuriz (FMA) and Carlo Rizzo (Wilderness Archive) speak in this dialogue about the resignification of natural heritage and how this exhibition was created.

This dialogue, available from March 10, 2021, is a reflection on the concept of natural heritage from different perspectives, based on the exhibition “Expanded Nature: Making the Invisible Visible“, currently on view in the Heritage Gallery of the La Moneda Cultural Center (Santiago, Chile) until May 2021.

In this conversation, the Cultural Center’s Director, Beatriz Bustos, inquires with curators Maya Errázuriz –of Fundación Mar Adentro– and Carlo Rizzo –Wilderness Archive– about how this exhibition was built: reflections, research carried out and why they seek to redefine the concept of natural heritage in the face of climate change.

You can see the entire conversation here (with subtitles), an activity that is part of the Dialogue at the Center initiative organized by CCLM.