Chile – California Conservation Conference 2017

Between September 25 and 28, 2017, this congress was held in Sonoma, California, which brought together 20 Chilean conservation leaders along with their Californian counterparts. Inspired by geographical coincidences and efforts to protect the territory, this conference hopes to generate joint knowledge and strategies. Madeline Hurtado, our president, was one of the participants.

Sponsored by California Council of Land Trusts, this conference aims to provide with a space that promotes dialogue and generate ideas and plans that can contribute to issues such as legislation and strategies in the face of climate change. This is its first version, which will have its second version in Chile, next January, an independent venture organized in coordination with the Second Congress of the International Network for Land Conservation, a project led by the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy.

The Congress was dedicated in memory of Elisa Corcuera, one of the great protagonists of conservation in Chile and a pioneer in the subject of private areas, founder and director of Así Conserva Chile, and a great friend and enthusiast of research and environmental education for environmental protection.

Some of the specific topics discussed were:

  • Gather ideas that may be useful in implementing Chile’s recently passed Derecho Real de Conservación legislation by looking at varieties of conservation easements and other land protection tools.
  • Gather ideas that may be useful in developing funding mechanisms and economic incentives for public and private land protection in Chile including tax law changes to advance conservation philanthropy.
  • Learn about the range and capabilities of land trusts and public agencies in California.
  • Compare climate change strategies, land protection incentives, laws, institutions and practices between Chile and California.
  • Inform Californians about the conservation opportunities and innovations taking place in Chile.

The Chile California Conservation Exchange aims to help develop more robust policies, practices, and institutions to promote the conservation and protection of private lands for public benefit in Chile, as well as to lay the groundwork for ongoing and mutually beneficial collaborations, among conservation leaders dedicated to the protection of private and public lands in Chile and California.

The initial organizing group is made up by David Tecklin, Francisco “Pancho” Solis, Roberto Peralta, and Ralph Benson, to which several organizations have joined. In the next meeting in Chile, Fundación Mar Adentro will be one of the sponsors.

A group shot from the Jenner Headlands