Sala Libre 3 Contest!

A new Sala Libre contest to share creative processes as results of our downloadable exercises that seek to promote connecting with nature through creativity, fostering wonder and curiosity about small everyday things.

Based on the activity the Natural Oracle: short-stories about my territory, this contest invites participants to share the symbols and stories created to speak about their territory and place of origin form a nature point of view. There will be a first, second and third place awarded and the prizes consist of 3 collectible Revista Endemico editions, and two of our own publications: Green/Blue. From Glaciers to Oceans and Animitas. Christian Boltanski, that we will send to your home.

How to participate?
Read through the instructions for the third activity in Sala Libre 3 that you can download here.

Share on your Instagram feed a photograph of the 4 oracle stones that guided the construction of your short-story and/or a photograph of the territory in which you were inspired to create them.

In the text part of the publication in the feed, write your short-story using a maximum of 200 words and us (@fundacionmaradentro) also writing the hashtag #salalibreFMA. For those who have private profiles, please send a direct message to the Fundación Mar Adentro account with a screenshot and the text to participate.

All participations must be sent or uploaded at latest on September 10th and on the 14th of that month we will announce the winner.