The First Meeting of Private Initiatives for Marine Conservation Was Successfully Held

The purpose of this meeting held in Valdivia on November 27 and 28, 2013, was to strengthen coordination among various organizations for marine protection and promote conservation initiatives in this field. The event was organized by WWF Chile, Centro MERI, The Nature Conservancy, Centro Ballena Azul, Fundación Mar Adentro and Parque Ahuenco.

Among the reasons for conducting this meeting, Francisco Viddi (WWF) stated that “our country has an extraordinary marine productivity and biodiversity and today we are at a point where it is essential to work harder than ever to protect and preserve it”.
During the two days of work biologists, scientists and environmental professionals shared their experiences, challenges and needs facing the problems and protection of marine ecosystems, which involves the joint work of NGO’s, government agencies, and communities, as well as education and raising social awareness about the effects of climate change and the toxification of the seas.
Among the topics discussed in the lectures and workshops, the following were agreed:

  • To make an assessment of the environmental situation of the sea in Chile and a portfolio of Areas of High Conservation Value;
  • To provide logistics and infrastructure support for the development of scientific research;
  • To provide support in the management of requests concerning the declaration of Protected Marine Areas;
  • To emphasize the issue of Marine Conservation in public policies and legislation on biodiversity and coastline;
  • To generate a communications campaign to educate the public about the importance of preserving the coastline, the sea and its biodiversity for the country’s development.

As regards the result of this meeting, the deputy director of Fundación Mar Adentro, Nicole Ellena, said that: “The expectations for this workshop have been met, since we have created networks, certain agendas were set up in order to have a specific task in the future and we are working to define a mission which is making progress towards being much more than a group of individuals and institutions.”