1st Lecture Series: Todo lo que nos rodea (Everything around us)

Fundación Mar Adentro and Fundación Cosmos together with Alberto Hurtado University developed a series of interdisciplinary meetings with renowned national and international experts who discussed from a humanist-scientific vision their experiences and knowledge of our interdependence with the environment, in order to inspire an internal change in the university community that will enable new actions supporting a change in the human being and the way we relate to our surroundings.

The meetings were the result of a work conducted between the students of different faculties of the UAH and the guest, analyzing his thought, his publications, his works or his approach to the subject of the Meetings –The Human Being and his Environment -. Thus, the students undertook research, debates and other academic activities around these themes which ultimately generated an informed and helpful encounter for the students and the guest.

To inaugurate this series of meetings, we invited the well-known Chilean industrial designer, expert in innovation and applied technology, Alfredo Zolezzi, who has developed a safe and inexpensive water sanitation system called Plasma Water Sanitation System. This unprecedented water sanitation system addresses the urgent need for developing countries to produce clean drinking water.

The socio-environmental and innovative approach of Zolezzi’s work invited us to reflect in this first series of meetings on technological innovation as a tool to generate great economic and commercial impact with great repercussion on social development.

Zolezzi proposes a change in perspective when stating that innovation is looking at things from another point of view and so rediscover everything that surrounds us.

This meeting was held on November 13 at the UAH

11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Lecture Alfredo Zolezzi.
Venue: Patio Casa Fernando Vives Solar S.J.
-3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Meeting with the students.
Venue: UAH Rector’s hall