“Art to revolutionize education” performative lecture at Puerto de Ideas Festival 2021

On Saturday, November 13 at 10:30am, María Acaso, professor and researcher specialized in the area of Artistic Education, will give a performative lecture on “Art thinking: art to revolutionize education”. This event will be part of Fundación Mar Adentro’s activities within the scope of the Puerto de Ideas Festival 2021.

From November 8 to 14, the Puerto de Ideas Festival will take place in Valparaíso, which will include, as usual, a varied program and a series of guests that you can review here.

Our Foundation collaborated with the invitation of María Acaso, professor and researcher specialized in the area of Artistic Education, promoting innovation in the teaching and learning of visual arts through disruptive formats and content. She is also co-author of “Art Thinking: How art can transform education”, a proposal that seeks a pedagogical paradigm shift that is based on four premises: divergent thinking, pleasure, defense of pedagogy as cultural production, and collaborative work.

This performative lecture, which will also include the participation of cultural manager and pedagogue Andrea de Pascual, will address the foundations of Art Thinking and how we can apply them to online formats. María Acaso and Andrea De Pascual will take us to the roots of this body of knowledge through practical examples and replicable dynamics in various types of educational contexts. The event will take place via this Zoom link.

In addition, Acaso will give a workshop on Art Thinking for students of xxx, on November 9. During the workshop, she will add different strategies and tools from the performing arts to the content of the lecture, showing how these have been applied to online educational formats to transform them into learning experiences based on experiences, participation and pleasure.



María Acaso
Professor of the area of Didactics of Plastic Expression of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. She has over 20 years of experience in education, with projects that seek to challenge the divisions between art and education, the academic and the popular, theory and practice, in order to develop a contemporary education that transforms the formats of knowledge transmission. She is a founding member of the Pedagogías Invisibles collective and is currently head of the Education Area of the Reina Sofía Museum.

As a lecturer and researcher, she has worked in prestigious institutions related to education such as the U. Autónoma de México, Bergen National Academy of The Arts (Norway), School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, Harvard and Stanford (USA), as well as at the Museum of Memory (Chile), MOMA (NY), the 9th Mercosur Biennial (Brazil), the Museum of Antioquia and the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín (Colombia), Culturgest (Lisbon), and Getty Museum (USA).

She is the author of numerous books, among which are “The visual language” (Paidós, 2011) and “rEDUvolution: making the revolution in education” (Paidós, 2013). Additionally, she is a co-author of “Art Thinking: How art can transform education” (Paidós, 2017). in addition, her blog is an international benchmark in disruptive education and art education.

Andrea De Pascual
Cultural manager and pedagogue with a Master’s degree in Art Education from New York University through a Fulbright Scholarship and founding partner of Pedagogías Invisibles, where she coordinates, designs and implements projects in teacher training, cultural mediation and research. She co-authored, together with David Lanau, the book “Art is a way of doing (not a thing that is done).”