Campaign seeks to reforest Araucanía with native trees

Together with The Oxygen Project, our foundation is promoting the “Defend the pewen” campaign, the objective of which is to raise awareness about the importance of this ancient tree that is in danger of extinction. In addition, this initiative supports the collection of funds for the Network of Native Nurseries "Wiñolfe Anumka" of Araucanía, which carries out vital reforestation work in the area.

From August 17 to September 10, the “Let’s defend the pewen” campaign will take place, part of the great campaign carried out throughout South America by The Oxygen Project to protect ancestral trees. In Chile, the campaign focuses on the protection of the pewen or araucaria, a tree sacred to the Mapuche and currently in danger of extinction due to climate change, deforestation and leaf damage to the Araucaria.

To collaborate, you can see for free “Pewen: the earth will say”, and then donate so that the Network of Native Nurseries “Wiñolfe Anumka” can implement 10 nuclei of native reforestation during this year. This network, made up of 10 Mapuche-Pehuenche families from Currarehue, Araucanía Region, collects seeds from the temperate rainforest to later reproduce them in their nurseries and use the plants for reforestation on community properties, thus contributing to the care of the ecosystem and mitigating the effects of climate change. You can find more information about this work on their website.

Those who make a donation will receive various benefits, including:

  • A free course on planting native trees
  • Our book “Green / blue, from glaciers to the sea”
  • A high-quality printed still from the documentary
  • An online reforestation workshop

You can also download the free educational notebook “Pewen: will say the earth”, prepared by the Center for Social Development of Cinema Gaticine, that integrates audiovisual creation in formal and informal education for young people, girls and boys.

We invite you to watch the documentary and donate to the crowdfunding of the “Wiñolfe Anumka” Nursery Network, so that together we can defend the pewen.