Bosque Pehuén, Fundación Mar Adentro’s New Book

After 10 years of work in Bosque Pehuén, Fundación Mar Adentro publishes a book that address the ancestral history of temperate South American rainforests and also serves as a guide of the particular species inhabiting this environment, offering an innovative and dynamic view of its biodiversity and functioning.

In various parts of the world researchers are currently dedicated to investigating on how trees communicate and care for each other; how their habitat works through astounding connections; and how we are able to identify in them sound, visual, movement and language dimensions, that differ from our ways of understanding and thinking.

Fundación Mar Adentro after ten years of work in Bosque Pehuén—located in Araucanía, Chile—created this book published by Saposcat that reveals the Foundation’s vision of forest ecosystems and the value of its endemic species. It is a book that seeks innovative research, which understands the enormous network of relationships that form the forests.

In this sense the reader will find a vision based on the fact that man’s relationship with forests is ancestral; they depend on them, as indigenous people of this and other territories have always known. “In many cultures trees have been gods or the first thing that people learn about, and forests have always been conceived as magic and sacred places. Knowing these ancient lands is both a scientific and spiritual lesson and an experience we encourage all to live” explains the book.

The content of the book is based mainly on the research developed by scientists Iván Díaz, Daniela Mellado, Javier Godoy and Ricardo Moreno, from the Laboratory of Biodiversity and Canopy Ecology, Institute of Biodiversity, Conservation and Territory of the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Resources of the Universidad Austral de Chile.

With an agile and attractive format that proposes several layers of content, it is the first compendium of knowledge that Fundación Mar adentro has developed, and which will serve as the basis for a wider future publication.

In the following link you may download and read this book.
Book photos: ©Andrés Maturana