Analog: learning about things in the Universe” is the new book from the Rio Seco Natural History Museum in collaboration with Fundación Mar Adentro

The publication collects educational material from the museum's educational program implemented between 2017 and 2019.

Since 2016, the Río Seco Natural History Museum, in collaboration with Fundación Mar Adentro, has developed an educational program with the purpose of fostering and promoting a culture around the natural heritage of the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic region. In this context, several workshops were held by various scientists and artists, both from the museum team and from outside, who linked naturalism with artistic techniques, so that children and young people could value, understand and create in the ecosystems of Magallanes.


During the cycle of workshops carried out in 2018, different topics related to the processes of the Universe, the Earth and its vital components were addressed, in which the Magallanes community was invited to participate in formative activities on geology, robotics, scientific illustration, analog photography, ecological restoration or the manufacture of nesting houses for birds, among others, which were carried out in conjunction with leading experts.

This is how, from these educational experiences, the book “Analog: learning about things in the Universe” was born, a publication edited by Fundación Mar Adentro, which includes various methodologies and contents so that they can be replicated in multiple formats and contexts.

The publication includes images and educational booklets at the end of each chapter, developed in conjunction with the different professionals who were in charge of directing the workshops, including: Andrea Martinez and Catalina Merino (researchers at the National Museum of Natural History), Gabriel Zegers (expert in ecological restoration), Maria José Correa-Solis (biologist with studies in evolutionary ecology), Francisca Montes (visual artist), Patricia Domínguez (visual artist and scientific illustrator), Martín Cáceres (Physicist and Doctor of Engineering Sciences), Rosario Ecribano (Graduate in Astronomy and PhD in Engineering Sciences), Cristóbal Valenzuela (veterinarian and beekeeper), Claudio Romo (Geologist), Bernardita Pérez (expert in organic horticulture) and José Coñocar (expert in organic horticulture).

The prologue of “Analogue: learning about things in the Universe” was written by Rosabetty Muñoz, poet and professor at Ancud. A book edited by Miguel Cáceres and Aymara Zegers from the Río Seco Natural History Museum, together with Maya Errázuriz, director of art and publications at Fundación Mar Adentro. It contains various workshops, which in turn, will be carried out as activations of the publication in various locations in Chile during 2023, among which are: the workshop on marine invertebrates and biological collections; Ecological restoration; analog photography; scientific illustration of birds; cyborg workshop: animals, machines and artificial intelligence; and organic horticulture; are some of the contents of the book.


This book was printed at Alerce Talleres Gráficos, in the city of Santiago between September and October 2022 with the support of a Fondart dissemination project of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region.