Madeline Hurtado Berger

President / Director


Madeline is founder and director of Fundación Mar Adentro and has over 15 years of experience in family offices. Her holistic view of ecosystems has led her to lead projects that integrate education, art and nature. Her leadership focuses on creating multidisciplinary teams to develop collaborative and inclusive programs for vulnerable sectors of Chile with an emphasis on implementing projects in the different regions of Chile.


Bachelor’s of Visual Arts in painting from Universidad de Chile and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work is inspired by nature.

Her impetus for art has led her to generate and encourage educational programs about art and creativity in Chile.

Madeline’s passion for the land and forests have led her to study and develop in the conservation field of study and in temperate forests of Chile as well as to deepen her knowledge on abstract art and Land-Art. Her project, Parque Bosque Pehuén (Pehuén Forest Park), seeks to educate and preserve native ecosystems.