We develop initiatives in art, education, and nature that encourage a change with respect to the value that is placed upon our natural and cultural heritage. Our strengths are in collaborative work and content generation.

We believe in collaborative work between public and private organizations and develop our projects with multidisciplinary teams, enriching our work with different viewpoints, to contribute in areas that are not being primarily addressed by public entities. Our aim is to generate a positive impact on the quality of life of people and preserve the integrity of our ecosystems for future generations.

How we work

Our mode of work considers education as the crossing axis in the development of initiatives that integrate art and nature to encourage a reflection on and critical thinking of our environment for the benefit of future generations.

Under this vision, we believe it necessary to promote equitable education regarding developments in our conservation efforts, in our sustainable territorial development planning, and in our educational and cultural initiatives.

About our programs

As a foundation we are interested in…

  • Contributing with initiatives that innovate and creatively address the discussion and reflection on art and nature.
  • Creating actions that are understood to be replicable models or “experimental modes of work”.
  • Encouraging the development of projects across the different regions of Chile.
  • Promoting initiatives that consider the dissemination of research on our natural heritage and collaborative art.
  • Making opportunities accesible to community members belonging to more vulnerable sectors of our society, where intellectuals, decision makers, teachers and mediators act as agents of change.


Fundación Mar Adentro is a private non-profit organization created in 2011 under the vision and values of our founder, Alberto Hurtado Fuenzalida and his family, whose legacy speaks of the responsibility we have to our society, to our most vulnerable populations, and to our environment, as well as of the importance of education as an instigator of change.

Happiness involves the search of a path that can lead us to our individual callings. This path led the Fuenzalida family to be significantly involved in philanthropic initiatives to provide experiences that positively impact people’s quality of life. Honesty, respect, integrity, transparency, hard work, responsibility, and generosity in all endeavors, as well as ensuring love, forgiveness, and peace, are the values that can be derived from the task this family has committed to. Fundación Mar Adentro’s passion and work stem from Alberto Hurtado’s vision and legacy, who hopes:

for each family member take responsibility in taking on this task, so that as a family, we continue to support philanthropic organizations and provide with opportunities for future generations.

– Alberto Hurtado F.

I understand art and nature to be an extension of consciousness. We want to create a social change that will make us take responsibility for actions that affect our environment. Ideas help, but to take action is what can truly generate real changes.

Madeline Hurtado – Director

Who We Are

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