About Us

Fundación Mar Adentro (FMA) is a private non-profit foundation created in 2011, based on the vision and values ​​of our founder, Alberto Hurtado F. and his family, whose legacy has inspired us to be socially responsible with the vulnerable sectors of society and with our ecosystems; to become actively involved in philanthropic activities; and generate experiences that will positively impact people's quality of life. In this way, we collaboratively seek to establish alliances with various organizations–foundations, universities, cultural and research centers, museums, municipalities, ministries–to carry out joint projects that cohere with FMA’s purpose.

Together with these collaborations, we have been creating our own programs and activating different lines of action of the Foundation, which have acquired greater depth over the years. In 2012, Active Teachers was created, a program that seeks to contribute to the continuous and interdisciplinary training of teachers in the field of arts, science, culture and environmental education. On the other hand, in 2014 we began a more sustained work in our privately protected area (Bosque Pehuén, or Pehuén Forest), which was created to protect ecosystems with a high biodiversity value in the Andean Araucanía area. Thus, this space for conservation, began to be conceived as an outdoor laboratory for research and artistic and scientific residencies. And, in June 2019 we launched Poligonal: Art and Science Talks, which consists of conversations to reflect on interdisciplinarity as well as presenting different projects that incite action for nature.

The research and reflections generated from our programs inspire us to create exhibitions, publications, educational material and audiovisual pieces, which contribute to instigating change with respect to the value that is currently placed upon natural and cultural heritage, as well as foster multidisciplinary dialogues that reveal the importance of environmental literacy and art education for the construction of collaborative social responsibility with the environment.

We are constantly in search of multiple perspectives, ideas, knowledge and creations that allow us to continue nurturing our purpose.

More information on the early stages of the foundation and its trajectory in our annual reports, which can be accessed here.

Our motivations

  • Conserve ecosystems and their biodiversity, through a comprehensive view of land and ocean, from glaciers to coastal wetlands.
  • Develop replicable educational initiatives that promote critical thinking, creativity and environmental literacy through art and its crossing with other disciplines.
  • Put projects that combine art and science into action, as a means of research, experimentation and development of critical thinking, to generate new dialogues in relation to environmental stewardship.
  • Create and implement interdisciplinary and collaborative projects in various regions of Chile that integrate sensitivities and knowledge related to each territory’s context.

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