Before opening his exhibition in Chile, Theo Jansen conducted a talk at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center – GAM on April 12th, where he discussed topics such as creation and observation of the environment, nature and evolution, chance and mathematical algorithms. In addition, he made demonstrations with different parts of his Strandbeests to dynamically and interactively explain their mechanical systems. He also spoke of his creative process and development over the past 27 years of his life.

Days before the conference, there was an invitation to digitally send, using the hashtag #theojansenchile on twitter, a question for Jansen which would be read out loud at the end of the conference. The following were chosen and answered by the artist:

How can the Strandbeests adapt to this post-plastic era in which we are living in?

What is your vision on the education of children and young adults?

What are your thoughts on robotics seen as a threat to human work and, in general, as a dehumanizing element?

The conference was also live streamed on and, and this link received more than 850 views. The streaming was also screened in the following centers across Chile through the CECREA program:

Organized by Fundación Mar Adentro and the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center. 

The conference was also screened outside the entrance hall to the conference room for those who did not manage to attend the conference. Jansen explaining his 13 holy numbers and leg model. Jansen with Ramón López, President of the Board of GAM, together demonstrating the mechanics of Strandbeests. The audience that attended could greet the artist at the end of the conference and receive his autograph. Streaming in the CECREA Center of Temuco. Streaming in Chiloé, Castro Streaming in Espacio CECREA in Iquique. Streaming in the School Nuestra Señora de Andacollo, La Serena. Streaming in the the Gabriela Mistral Room, Regional Secretariat of Education in Punta Arenas. Streaming in Los Ángeles, Chile.