Bosque Pehuén Residency Program: Multidisciplinary Nature Research Station
2018 | Movement and Sound

Swiss choreographer, Lea Moro, and Chilean documentary filmmaker, Andrés Bucci, recently participated in our Bosque Pehuén residency program, where they engaged with the scientific team in charge of installing our meteorological research station.

Lea Moro hiking around Bosque Pehuén.

This year’s first resident was dancer and choreographer, Lea Moro, who lives and works in Zurich and Berlin. She studied dance and choreography at the Dimitri Theater School in Verso, the LABAN Center in London, and at the Interuniversity Center for Dance in Berlin (HZT). Her scenic and choreographic work is characterized by humor, intelligence, and care. She specializes in the connection of opposite assumptions, the study of the dialect of movement and the challenge of immobility in dance: “With my work, I wish to involve the audience by means of creating affective situations. Making use of virtuosity, illusion, and subtle humor allows for an ambiguity that at times evokes emotions and even pathos. I desire to learn new skills, be curious, obsessive, and intuitive.”

Moro and Chilean filmmaker, Andrés Bucci, conducted their residency in Bosque Pehuén between January 5 – 15, 2018. In addition to familiarizing themselves with the surrounding natural environment, they took part in the installation of the Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters) weather station, an enriching experience for both the artists and the scientific team. Their research was centered around the observation of forestial dynamics, creation, and movement.

Lea Moro, Carlos Mendoza and Osvaldo Paineman working on the meteorological station.

The weather station, which will serve to advance scientific research in Bosque Pehuén, was installed by Carlos Mendoza, Fundación Mar Adentro’s Conservation Project Coordinator, and engineer Osvaldo Paineman. Mendoza and Paineman were aided by a team of researchers formed by Iván Díaz, Daniela Mellado, and Javier Godoy, from the Universidad Austral de Chile, an institution which has developed studies pertaining to Pehuén’s vertical profile, its wildlife in the canopy, and its overall biodiversity since 2014.

For the artist, it was an absolutely new and unique experience, “It was extraordinary to understand the work of scientists on site. We observed how you can take a piece of nature and through this technological object it begins to communicate with one as if it were a small center of information. It is then that the beautiful power of technology is revealed, rooted in this place, it does not harm anything and it gives information to understand the constant changes lived by all that is natural.”

Andres Bucci at the weather station

The artists also shared their artistic visions with Beatriz Bustos O., Fundación Mar Adentro’s Director of Culture, Art, and Education. One of these visions, is a work of art that combines tree-inspired choreography with Andrés Bucci’s recordings of the forest and its birds.

The artists were grateful for the opportunity to approach nature and its study through physical and intellectual immersion, as well as the opportunity to learn about unique life-experiences and work settings. The constant movement of the trees, their slowness and permanence, and the intensity of forest life were other memorable aspects of their experience. The artists shared their reflections with Fundación Mar Adentro in Santiago, Chile, and strengthened ties for future collaboration.

* This residence was made possible thanks to the support of Coincidencia Program and YAA! – Young Associated Artist Program of Pro Helvetia in coordination with Tanzhaus Zürich, and the coordination and consultancy of Key Performance.

For more information on Lea Moro’s work click here and for videos here.

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