Theo Jansen in Chile

Fundación Mar Adentro will be presenting the work of Dutch artist Theo Jansen in Chile in April 2018. This project entails talks by the artist himself, an exhibition of his renowned Strandbeest and an extensive educational program.

The extraordinary creations of Theo Jansen (1948) come to Chile for the first time in a large exhibition that will be presented at the Cerrillos National Art Center in Santiago, a free-entry event open to the entire surrounding community of Cerrillos and greater Santiago with an emphasis on, from its design to its implementation, on education. His Strandbeests, beach animals, are not only fabulous mobile engineering constructions that have been evolving organically over the past twenty-seven years, but objects close to life that encourage one to discover new forms of creativity to reflect on human-environment relations.

Fundación Mar Adentro has invited technical institutes and institutions of higher education to collaborate in developing workshops and educational programs on technology, design, science and art, inspired by Theo Jansen’s work. This educational program will be carried out in different cultural spaces throughout Chile, with the collaboration of the Council of Culture and the Arts of Chile and its CECREA Centers, in addition to the Cerrillos Center.

Theo Jansen will be present at the opening of the exhibition and will give a talk in Santiago, at the GAM Cultural Center, on April 12th. This conference will also be transmitted via streaming. It is not the first time that the artist dictates talks in Chile, he has been invited on three other occasions previously to deliver his vision regarding art and ecology, although without the presence of his impressive work.

* The exhibition is organized by Fundación Mar Adentro, the CECREA Program and the National Center of Contemporary Art of the National Council of Culture and The Arts.
The conference is held in collaboration with Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center.
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