Río Seco Museum of Natural History Receives a Fund to Improve its Infrastructure

The Association of Researchers of the Río Seco Natural History Museum has obtained funding from the 2018 Comprehensive Museum Improvement Fund Competition from the Chilean National System of Museums and the National Cultural Heritage Service, with their project “Authorization for a Depository Hall for the Río Seco Natural History Museum.” FMA has supported its educational projects since 2016.

 The Río Seco Natural History Museum is a space that brings together art and science to educate and reflect on the natural and cultural heritage of the Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic region. Its mission is to study and share methodologies of knowledge dealing with the South Pole through the development of collections and exhibitions that highlight the natural and material history of southern Chile.

This funding enables the museum to expand and improve its research, safeguarding and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of the Magallanes region. This work includes an educational program, supported by Fundación Mar Adentro, that each year will add new disciplines and courses. Recently, the museum has also begun the construction of a botanical garden. We welcome these new initiatives that will allow them to expand their relationships with the youth and citizens of the region.