Sustainable planning projects comprehensive development and promotes actions that ensures and supports the ability of society and the environment to interact in a balanced manner, taking into account economic, cultural and natural resources.

Sustainable development incorporates ecological and social integration patterns in spatial planning as a foundation for the promotion of fair and equitable cities. It is a concept of projection and design that emphasizes ecosystem benefits and generates protection initiatives aimed at preserving the environment through an efficient and appropriate management which takes into account short and long-term needs.

The principles of sustainable management are based on the efficient use of materials, limiting waste, promoting renewable energy, reducing negative impact on air, water, soil, vegetation and improving natural cycles.

Planning, according to this scheme, involves the present and future of conservation, promotes civic responsibility in the protection of biodiversity and disseminates its biological, social and cultural value.


Alberto Hurtado

For several years our foundation has been collaborating with the University, supporting its growth and development of educational opportunities for students. These contributions were among the first philanthropic initiatives of our founder.

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(Español) Cabras de Fundación Origen

Fundación Origen

Under our mission of supporting initiatives that grant children and young adults access to integral education that focuses on a reflection on and care for the environment, we support Fundación Origen in the construction and implementation of the School of Arts and Crafts, a project that is a part of the Agroecological School of Pirque, whose educational approach is sustainable coexistance between children and the environment.

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Students from the Octavia Palma School

Green areas for
Octavio Palma P. School

Fundación Mar Adentro together with Fundación Mi Parque designed and projected the green areas of Octavio Palma Pérez School, located in the commune of Sauzal (Maule Region), to promote leisure, recreation and environmental education of the community.

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