We believe in education and art as foundations of well-being and for the realization of every human being, and hence of society. Art is a form of expression, of knowledge, that can build bridges and bring together different disciplines and people.

We support comprehensive education that fosters creativity, art and a preoccupation for the environment to enrich the academic formation of children and young adults. Our goal is to work together and create alliances with educational institutions and foundations in initiatives that promote a student’s human development. We prioritize offering young adults opportunities to access an education that encourages reflection and critical thinking.


Theo Jansen in Chile

The extraordinary creations of Theo Jansen come to Chile for the first time in an exhibition in the  National Center of Contemporary Art Cerrillos (CNACC) April 14 - July 1 2018, as well as an extensive educational program until December 2018.

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Residency Program

Art and science come together in this program that invites artists, scientists and communities to work together in the southern regions of Chile as well as abroad. With this program, Fundación Mar Adentro seeks to contribute in environmental education through art and interdisciplinary interactions.

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Active Teachers

The Active Teachers program aims to contribute in the formation of teachers in the field of arts, culture, science, and matters pertinent to the care and respect for our nature.

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Green Legacy Hiroshima-Chile: Digital Educational Platform for Peace

Each year the seeds of some of the 170 trees that survived the nuclear bomb of 1945 are collected in Hiroshima. These seeds have been sent to almost thirty countries, and since 2012 they have germinated and grown in the Botanical Garden of the Universidad Austral de Chile, in Valdivia. From this initiative, we generated a digital platform with educational activities, www.legadoverde.cl.

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Alberto Hurtado

For several years our foundation has been collaborating with the University, supporting its growth and development of educational opportunities for students. These contributions were among the first philanthropic initiatives of our founder.

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Puerto de Ideas Festival

The Puerto de Ideas Festival is held every year for the past seven years in Valparaíso, and since April 2014 in Antofagasta. Around thousands attendants gather in Valparaíso to participate in this meeting dedicated to the exchange and circulation of ideas through debates, conferences and interviews around humanistic, scientific and artistic topics. Fundación Mar Adentro collaborates as a sponsor of this festival and has also implemented their Active Teachers program since 2012.

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(Español) Cabras de Fundación Origen

Fundación Origen

Under our mission of supporting initiatives that grant children and young adults access to integral education that focuses on a reflection on and care for the environment, we support Fundación Origen in the construction and implementation of the School of Arts and Crafts, a project that is a part of the Agroecological School of Pirque, whose educational approach is sustainable coexistance between children and the environment.

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Cultural Program for the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress

Fundación Mar Adentro actively participated in the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress, IMPAC 4, held from the 4th until the 8th of September 2017 in La Serena-Coquimbo. Fundación Mar Adentro's program set out to observe land and ocean as a common and interrelated space to explore new ways of interaction within coastal areas. A video art program, a scholarship program for researchers from all over the country to come and participate in the congress, as well as workshops that bring together art and science, were some of the activities of this cultural program.

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Zanmi: A Mural Created by Haitian Children and Chilean Illustrators

From artistic workshops with Haitian children living in the commune of Estación Central, illustrators Sebastián Ilabaca, Tomás Olivos, Matías Prado and Daniela William created a mural that was permanently installed in the GAM Cultural Center.

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TOKI Music School

FMA supports the NGO TOKI and its Music School, led by pianist Mahani Teave, who since 2015 has expanded its capacity with new teachers and students.

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Christian Boltanski in Chile

The Christian Boltanski in Chile project was carried out between 2014 and 2015 and consisted in the preparation, installation and presentation in Chile of the work of one of the most important French artists of this time. The project considered three key milestones led by Chilean curator Beatriz Bustos Oyanedel from BBO Cultural Developments with the collaboration of Fundación Mar Adentro.

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Río Seco Natural History Museum
Educational Program

A team of biologists and artists from the Río Seco Natural History Museum in Punta Arenas develops an ongoing educational program with workshops that combine naturalistic practices with artistic techniques to teach children and young adults to value, understand and create in the Magellan ecosystems. FMA supports its implementation.

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Restoration of the
Artequín Museum

In 2013 Fundación Mar Adentro supported the restoration of the Paris Pavilion, a national historic landmark which now houses the Artequín Museum located in Santiago, Chile.

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Educating Through Art

Colorearte is an annual dyeing competition created for students in primary, secondary and special educational establishments of all Chilean educational facilities. It aims to contribute to art education through various dyeing techniques. FMA has collaborated in various ways in this highly esteemed project.

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