One of our commitments is to explore strategies for conservation of national biodiversity, i.e. the existing variety of forms of life in Chile.

Chile is a country rich in biodiversity; however, it is currently threatened by various anthropic effects associated with global change. That is why we believe that private conservation must play a key role in the protection of biodiversity in Chile.

We are interested in promoting the creation of Private Protected Areas in Chile and are at the moment focused on the conservation of Chile’s Temperate Rainforests, aiming to increase the number of areas in which these ecosystems may survive with the minimum degree of disturbances caused by anthropic interaction.

Other ecosystems that are a priority for the Foundation are wetlands, due to their great fragility, their contribution to global temperature regulation and their potential for education and research. Likewise, living up to its name, the Foundation would like to support current efforts in the conservation of marine and coastal-marine ecosystems of our country.

As a token of our commitment to the conservation of Chile’s Natural Heritage, we are managing an Initiative of Private Conservation (Iniciativa de Conservación Privada – ICP) in the commune of Pucón in the Araucanía Region: the Pehuén Forest Park (Parque Bosque Pehuén). That is why we form a part of the Así Conserva Chile network, a professional association of private conservation which summons small and large landowners, foundations, families, indigenous communities and farmers, among others, to be part of a network of private conservation. This network currently protects 600 thousand hectares throughout the country.


Pehuén Forest

Pehuén Forest is a private conservation initiative founded by Fundación Mar Adentro in 2006, having as a primary goal the protection of biodiversity, whose purpose is to contribute to the conservation of temperate rainforests through the development of scientific research and educational programs for the conservation of biodiversity. It is also a space for the development of cultural projects that seek to converge art and science.

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Residency Program

Art and science come together in this program that invites artists, scientists and communities to work together in the southern regions of Chile as well as abroad. With this program, Fundación Mar Adentro seeks to contribute in environmental education through art and interdisciplinary interactions.

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Maipo River Wetland Park

The Maipo River Wetland Park is located at the mouth of the Rio Maipo in the municipalities of Santo Domingo and San Antonio, San Antonio Province, Valparaíso Region. It was declared a Nature Park by the Municipality of Santo Domingo in 2002.

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